Air Handling units

Air Handling units

Model No.︰CW, CL & CD ser

Brand Name︰Cold Magic

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰-

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Payment Terms︰ TT/LC

specifications︰ Standard: CW series (Horizontal type), CL series (Vertical type) & CD series (Ceiling type)

- Aluminium pentapost framing with plastic cold-bridge

- 25mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm insulated panel. (Option panel material for other requirement)

- Belt drive fan with adjustable motor base.

- S.S 304 Drain pan.

Advantages︰ Base on the standard series, we can flexible design to fit at differ specification.

- Multi-zone Units: Special design for one location but differ temperature zone.

- Silence standard units: Each units will test by our sound Lab. special design units for museum, theater etc...

- Hygiene standard units: Our air handling units is approved by VDI 6022, which is international hygiene standard, suitable for wold-wide hygiene specification. According to the requirement, we can add filter section, heating section, dehumidify section, humidify section etc... special design for hospital, clean room & laboratory etc...

- High efficiency units: We use high efficiency motor and high performance fan. Our Air handling units also approved by Enrovont EN 1886. Enrovent certification programs for Air conditioning product is provide a uniform enabling fair competition on a world-wide market based on true performance levels to the great satisfaction.

Export Markets︰ Australia, South Africa, Japan.

Min Order︰ No. Min Order

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